1.1 All Aboard the Hunter Cottoneye Fanclub

Welcome back! Last time on the Greenwood Legacy, our founder Celeste hung around the grocery store until she found a husband (Hunter Cottoneye). Baby #1 was born, a boy named Ash, and because both Celeste and Hunter are self-employed with no guaranteed income Ash went without a crib. Let’s get going!


Since we left off, Hunter settled into a routine that he probably only dreamed of before he married Celeste. He wakes up long before the suns comes up, takes care of his basic needs, and takes a taxi to the pond for a day of nothing but fish. He managed to sell a couple hundred simoleons worth of fish the first day I tested the routine out, and the household funds were so thankful.


First things first: Ash can rest easy in this swanky new crib! Then, the bills. If you couldn’t tell from the above picture, the rest of the money went toward toddler stuff.


Since gardening takes up two hours of the day, Celeste has been relegated “baby duty”. It’s a fair job because these kids are the future of the family name and all that. Kind of important to the “legacy” idea. She also rolls more than enough stroller wishes in a day.


Hunter continues to excel at his job, and has begun getting bonuses (thank goodness!!) in addition to each fancy new title. Yet he still wishes to get fired from a SELF-employed profession. He’s starting to become my favorite out of the family.


Before they know it, Ash’s birthday is right around the corner. Hunter rolled a wish to woohoo with Celeste as she carried Ash to the birthday cake, and she rolled a with to hug Hunter amorously. They do that whenever they see the other. It’s sickeningly sweet.


Look at this pretty sim! I have no idea who he’ll look more like, but he looks an awful lot like Hunter.


Having dated, proposed to, married, had a kid with, and lived with Hunter for several days, Celeste rolled a wish to move in with him. I’m pretty sure Hunter’s craziness is rubbing off on her.


Ash gets special skilling attention while he’s the only kid. There’s no guarantee the other generation 1 kids will be able to master any all most of their skills.


Hunter hasn’t let his insane trait show as much as I thought he would, but one day he went nuts on the shower after it broke for the umpteenth time.


It was nice watching him insult–and be insulted by–the shower. Or whatever it was he was talking to.


Hunter: You’re going DOWN!

Yeah, yeah.


Celeste: Boy, am I sleepy! Wait… did I change clothes?


Don’t look so sad, Celeste! You’ve been wishing for a girl, so this could be it. Besides, we really only need two at the barest minimum each generation, right? In case the chosen one goes up in flames or something. Not that that will happen of course… Moving on.


Ash gets plopped in the playpen on default by Celeste on her way out of the house. He’s been consistently a tad… diabolical.


A snapshot of the perfect-garden-to-be. Celeste will probably get her LTW first, honestly. (If Hunter ever comes close to a prefect aquarium.)


Celeste: Ooh! I think the baby’s coming!


Celeste: You’re just going to ignore me?

Hunter: I hafta take out the trash.


Celeste boogies down in approval, still in labor.


Celeste: Isn’t he the sweetest?!


Celeste: Ouch! Oh yeah–baby.


Celeste: Yay, Hunter! Love you!!

Hunter has too much power. 😐


Quick! Hunter’s gone. Just pop out the baby before he comes back.


Baby #2’s name is Moss, funnily enough, and his two of his favorites are key lime pie and lime green. He was given the absent-minded trait and born with excitable. Now to see if he got Celeste’s celery hair or not.

(I forgot Celeste’s skin was on one of the rainbow sliders for a moment. A green kid…)


Hunter, no.


In the wake of Moss’ arrival, Hunter resolved to quit life. He’s in too deep to leave now, though. Muahaha!


He has to settle for fixing the cheapo appliances every time they break. But really, he’s isolated at the fishing hole hours every day. It’s the dream!


Ash is overshadowed by his parents, but this is an ambitious-themed legacy, and he’s not even able to walk yet. He’s adorable, though!


We conclude this time with Celeste rolling a wish to be a winner, instead of being a winner. Join us next time where there may be a third heir, and generation 2 shares one bedroom!

2 thoughts on “1.1 All Aboard the Hunter Cottoneye Fanclub

  1. Heather

    Aw, a green kid! Cute. Hunter and Celeste are hilarious! They’re sickeningly adorable. Looking forward to getting to know the new kid too!

  2. Echo Weaver

    Hello! This post was really funny and charming, and I’ve read a lot (too many?) legacies!

    I wouldn’t have guessed that Celeste had a fantasy skintone. That’s going to make for a colorful family. I can’t wait.


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