1.0 It’s the Start of Something New

I’m starting this legacy with a High School Musical quote as a kind of good luck talisman. Anyway, let’s get the ball rolling now that my slow internet finally uploaded all these pictures.

Welcome to the Greenwood legacy! It’s a trait-based legacy, where each heir will have to have the “ambitious” trait once they become a young adult. This is a legacy-with-a-name-theme of “nature” so the kids could have any plant/animal/fungus/insect name. There’s also some handicaps that will make this more interesting (or not… we’ll see.) Let’s get a move on and meet the founder, shall we?


Celeste is busy meeting the many suitors around Riverview, so I’ll do the introducing. She’s eco-friendly, vegetarian, green thumb, a loser, and of course, ambitious. Her LTW is to have the Perfect Garden (easy peasy.) And her favorite are indie music, key lime pie, and irish green. She’s a self-employed gardener, so what better way to find a husband than hanging out by the grocery store?

I figured since she’s the founder she could be exempt from the naming theme, but “Celeste” does mean “heavenly”. That’s fitting, I think, and much less weird than, say, “Mother of Thousands”. Ahem.


Jebidiah Wilson seems like a good catch, but I already know he’s considered “Rich”, and those sims are off-limits for founders. Boo.


These two kept surprising each other with flowers and making out in front of the building, blocking customers from going in and out.


Next to appear on the lot was George Dean.


Celeste talked a lot about composting and going green. George didn’t seem too enthusiastic about it, so she moved on.


Odin. “Odin Greenwood”. Yeah, that sounds nice. Why not?


(There go the Grisbys…)

Odin’s married. So what? He doesn’t have any kids, so he’s still “in” the race for founder-spouse.


Celeste really seemed to like him. She was extra animated about the weather or whatever it was.


Unfortunately, Odin’s conversation starters always begin with “I hate kids” and end with “Get out of my face”. Three suitors down…


I scanned the lot to make sure Odin was the last eligible man on the lot… but wait! There’s Hunter Cottoneye lurking around the corner, wetting himself over the growing number of people crowding the store and tapping his feet to some tunes. Celeste ran over to say, “Hi”, and next thing I know they’re getting drinks at the diner.


Despite the wonderful night, and Hunter’s insanity-induced clothing changes, Celeste did not score a good-night first kiss.


She pulled a classic pout, and tried her woo-ing skills again. I’m not too confident about Riverview providing any better spouse-material.




Celeste: This could be the star of something new, Hunter. Do you want to be my boyfriend?

Hunter: Uh… sure.


Celeste: “Now who’d have ever thought that / We’d both me here tonight / And the world looks so much brighter / With you by my side”

Hunter: Are you quoting…?

Celeste: Shh. Let me finish. *cough* “I know that something has changed / Never felt this way / I know it for real” Will you marry me?

Hunter: Oh. My. Plumbomb. YES.

Celeste and Hunter were married in a quaint, super private (they don’t really know anyone else in the whole darn town) ceremony by the deep-fried diner’s dumpster. If that doesn’t spell “lifelong romance” then let me stop while I’m ahead.


Hunter got a makeover because contrary to his belief, there is such a thing as too much camo. And before I lose my handy dandy notebook, let me tell you a little bit about our founding spouse, Hunter Cottoneye:

He’s neurotic, a loner, insane, mean spirited, and an angler. Yikes. Moving on, his LTW is “Presenting the Perfect Aquarium” and his favorite are classical music, grilled salmon, and the color green.


Hunter quit his StoryProgression-mod-given job as a Decoy to pursue the self-employed Angler career. He’s got six Angler skill points, so it’s no wonder he dresses formal while heading out to the ponds.


Hunter also brought in a few thousand bucks from the wedding, tax breaks, and his decked-out camo truck. Since they got no wedding gifts because they have a collective zero friends, I built them a house and called it a “gift”. The washing machine is an obnoxious noise maker, and Hunter is risking his life tinkering with it in the hopes that the noise will stop.


Celeste’s garden is progressing slowly. We could easily see an income from her in… several weeks. In the meantime, she wanders outside on her own to talk to the plants (and not her new husband.)


Sure enough, after a few days of isolation from one another, Celeste and Hunter put the “woo” in “woohoo”, and Celeste throws up on her self trying to rush to the bathroom. I can already hear the wails of the first potential heir.


The garden continues to grow. Maybe someday soon it will offer up some kind of produce we can sell.


The tinkering on the washer continues slowly but  surely. Celeste fiddles with it in her spare time.


Hunter has progressed far enough into the “handiness” skill, and I waste no time in making him turn the always-filthy Bargain John into a self-cleaning dream.


Celeste: The washer just started sudsing all on its own, I swear.

…Alright, where’s Mister Fix-it?


Ah, nevermind. Celeste can fix this. She’s going to switch into maternity clothes, so she can’t die from this… right?


Nevermind again! Baby #1 is officially on the way, and the washer will just have to flood the whole house until Hunter can get to it.


On a hunt for seeds for the garden, Celeste ran into the Grisbys and decided it was time to formally introduce herself.

And heart-fart Walter.


Continuing the saga of the stubborn washing machine, Hunter fixed it! He also nearly died from electrocution. He rolled a wish to sell the damned thing, but they can’t afford a fancier one. The machine stays.


Here’s a photo of Hunter at work, full formal wear, fishing like a pro.


The aura of success quickly fades into something more like Hunter, and I pan the camera back to the legacy house across town.


Apparently being on the 4th career rung, with no boss or co-workers, and being isolated for ten hours a day with fish is too stressful. Oi vey.


Celeste and Hunter enjoyed and bread-and-jam kind of dinner with their very low funds. I don’t ever remember being this concerned about a household’s income and they haven’t even had the kid yet.

Let’s pause and admire how cute Celeste is–despite the gross faces she pulls–and how crazy awesome her kids’ genetics will be.


A progress shot of the garden. Getting there…


Later that night Celeste waddles over to Jeb’s mansion down the street in the hopes of determining whether she’s having a boy or girl. He runs from the house just as she sidles up. So the only option is to obviously stalk Jeb to his destination.


Celeste: Hey.

Jeb: Hi.

Celeste: Sorry to follow you across town, but I need to know the gender of the kid in my stomach.

Jebidiah must have a think for “flower” girls, because I’m sure he’s in a serious relationship with Meadow. He and Celeste definitely heart-farted as well… I wonder why they didn’t before?


Jeb: Alright. I figured it out.

Celeste: So are you going to tell me?

Jeb: I’m… just going to think about it.


A few hours later, Celeste went into labor! I shoved her in the baby’s room because the Greenwoods are still really broke and Hunter should get a full night’s sleep for a full day of fishing. The garden, still, is not ready for harvest.


It’s a boy! His name is Ash, after the tree famous for its “helicopter” seeds. I could have named his after the lesser-known name for the ash tree, but I didn’t want to kick this legacy off with a name like “Fraxinus”.

His traits are loves the outdoors and eccentric. His favorites are classical, vegetarian dim sum, and–wait for it–grey.

“Ash Grey”. Perfection.


Sorry Ash, your parents are too broke *cough* 25 simoleons *cough* to buy you a crib, so you’re just going to have to sleep on the floor. But at least you have your own room, right?

**This is also where I realized that having both parental units self-employed with no regular hours or income might be a problem. A little too late for Ash’s first night outside his mom.


With the arrival of Ash also comes the fruits (and vegetables) of hard labor! The garden is ready! The Greenwoods are 60-some simoleons richer!


Celeste finally got her promotion to “Dirt Digger”, and this fancy moodlet that could very well be the tagline for this legacy. This is where my pictures and notes leave off.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for baby #2 and more shenanigans in chapter 1.1!

4 thoughts on “1.0 It’s the Start of Something New

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you! I love the challenge of really scraping by with the founder, but a baby without a place to sleep is a scary thought.

  1. Heather

    I have *never* seen a Sim wish to get demoted! I think Hunter is my favorite! I mean, Celeste is *OF COURSE* but he’s a PERFECT legacy spouse. So fun! I like Ash, fun name. I’m also pleased with your naming theme! This is going to be fun stuff! I like when money is tight, I think it makes the game fun. My Lightning’s are always broke, since I made the rule of no full time jobs, only self employment, sold skill things, etc.

  2. ozziedoggirl

    Oh nooo! Watch out for Hunter; I’ve had a bad experience with him. He was constantly yelling at the kids, so my family-oriented sim divorced him for the good of the children. I mean, he might be better in your game…
    … and my Hunter did have a reason to be mad since two of the three kids weren’t his…


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