1.1 All Aboard the Hunter Cottoneye Fanclub

Welcome back! Last time on the Greenwood Legacy, our founder Celeste┬áhung around the grocery store until she found a husband (Hunter Cottoneye). Baby #1 was born, a boy named Ash, and because both Celeste and Hunter are self-employed with no guaranteed income Ash went without a crib. Let’s get going!

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1.0 It’s the Start of Something New

I’m starting this legacy with a High School Musical quote as a kind of good luck talisman. Anyway, let’s get the ball rolling now that my slow internet finally uploaded all these pictures.

Welcome to the Greenwood legacy! It’s a trait-based legacy, where each heir will have to have the “ambitious” trait once they become a young adult. This is a legacy-with-a-name-theme of “nature” so the kids could have any plant/animal/fungus/insect name. There’s also some handicaps that will make this more interesting (or not… we’ll see.)┬áLet’s get a move on and meet the founder, shall we?

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